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for Model 3000 Versions 3.2b to 3.3f ONLY

All manuals are in Adobe® .PDF format (see BROCHURES page for viewing instructions)

(Each Model 3000 instrument uses two manuals; For the wand instructions, go back to Manuals)

Model 3000 Instruction Sheets:
3000 Indicator operation manual (for version 3.2b only)
3000 Indicator operation manual (for versions 3.3a-d only )
3000 Indicator operation manual (for version 3.3e only )
3000 Indicator operation manual (for version 3.3f only )

(Check your Model 3000's operating system version before downloading the above.
Press SHIFT then TRANSFER then ESC on the Model 3000 keypad. Version no. will appear on the display)
Send your early Model 3000 Indicator in for an update to 4.1 !

NOTE: After serial number 7730 all Model 3000 instruments have a new hardware configuration. The corresponding new software begins with ver 5.0. All previous Model 3000 instruments (before serial number 7730) may be updated further but will still require sending the instrument in for factory software installation. Software version 5.0 is virtually identical in operation to the earlier version 4.1.
The new Model 3000 hardware (ver. 5.0) enables the use of a USB cable connection to a PC (instead of having to use the obsolete DB9 serial connection, ver. 4.1) and will allow the user to update the Model 3000 operating software in the future without sending the instument in to the factory for an upgrade.
A complete circuit board replacement set (both mother & battery boards) by Swoffer can be implemented to upgrade your earlier Model 3000 if desired. Contact Swoffer Instruments for the most recent costs and lead time involved for an upgrade.

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